Exclusive 1:1 Coaching

Guiding women of faith in the online marketing space to break through the enemy’s lies that are keeping you from reaching your version of success, reclaim your divine identity, and build a profitable business that creates Kingdom impact without burning out.


There is a better way and we have a plan for you!

For the past 1-2 years you've poured your heart and soul into your business... 

and it seems like everyone else is rising and thriving online except you.  You've been following the "system" but you're still not ranking up or hitting your income goals.  You feel like you're working overtime and are at the point of burn out.  If you're being totally honest, you're also feeling a little resentment toward your business, your upline, and even your teammates for not duplicating like you're teaching them to.  You're tired of the inconsistency in your business and realize where you're at and the strategy you're using is unsustainable.  


You want time and financial freedom, but at this rate, you're wondering if working full time is a better option.  At least you'll have weekends off and won't have to feel like a failure every time the end of the month comes and you're at the same rank yet again.


You know you were created for more and have a vision to serve others but you're past failures are leaving you with doubts about your worth, your mission, and your purpose.  You're ready to get off the emotional roller coaster and get clear on your future direction and committed to taking the steps necessary to have the same success as other online marketers.

You're tired of putting the energy into your business for little to no return for your efforts.  If you here someone say, "follow the system," one more time you feel you're going to lose it!

You want to experience consistent, profitable months in your business and being an online marketer lights you up. 


You want to build a business where you are serving instead of striving and operating from a state of flow instead of a state of hustle.


You know you have the work ethic to be successful.  You feel the passion inside you to serve and create a kingdom impact through your business.  


You know you've been spinning your wheels and are looking for the right strategy to build a business that works for you.


That's where we come in, guiding you to release the mind drama holding you back, align your values with your business, and learn the skills you need to build a sustainable and profitable business in the online space. 


It really is simple.  You're not good or bad at business.  You're either trained or untrained.  We are here to train you up in the way you should go so that you can create the mission driven business that works for you and create kingdom impact.

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Are you ready...

Meet Your Coaches

Brandie Thomas

Christian Mindset and Business Strategist 

Brandie is a wife, mother, author and multipassionate entrepreneur.  She is the Co-Founder of Victorious Entrepreneurs Rising.  She has a successful background within the Network and Affiliate Marketing industries and in the corporate world.  She has her Masters in Business Administration and a background in Information Technology and Marketing.  Brandie loves helping women use technology to automate their online marketing business and build a brand that markets to their strengths.  She has worked alongside some incredible online marketing coaches and will be teaching you the fundamental success strategies for building and marketing a brand that is in alignment with you and sharing tools to build a business online that works for you and contributes to you creating a successful life that works synergistically together.  She believes that you are called to truly operate in a place of rest as you partner with God to create Kingdom Impact.

Natalie Lawson

Christian Business Strategist for Women in Online Marketing

Natalie is a wife, educator, and multipassionate entrepreneur. She is Co-Founder of Victorious Entrepreneurs Rising and a Certified Radiant Leader through Girl Power Alliance. She has a successful background in the Network and Affiliate Marketing Industries with over 10 years of experience. Natalie loves helping women learn how to use social media to work for them and their network/affiliate marketing business.  She has worked alongside incredible online marketing coaches and will be teaching you organic and automated ways to grow your business online in a way that aligns with you as you partner with God to create Kingdom Impact. 

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