We are sisters who grew up in a small town but always had big city aspirations. 


When we started our network marketing businesses, we had great success ranking up quickly within our company’s compensation plan.


Then, we hit the "wall". We were burnt out and tired of doing the same thing over and over but not getting consistent results. Our inner mean girls turned on us and we began to doubt our worth and lost our passion as we faded into the "copy and paste" world. It just wasn't us.


Once, we decided to go left when everyone else was going right, we began to find our passion and found that our businesses began growing again. We aligned our faith with our business and saw the impact we could make not only in business, but in the kingdom. 


We are now building a business with Holy Spirit empowerment, working from a place of rest instead of a place of strife, serving over selling, and creating impact on a global scale!  When you allow God to be the CEO of your business, then your business becomes limitless!


We can't wait to help you get your passion back too, get into alignment, and begin to see your business grow!

Meet Your Coaches

Brandie Thomas

Natalie Lawson

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